Building H64

The existing laboratory building H64 was refurbished for CSL Behring and an additional storey was added. In addition, a new multi-storey technical centre was built in solid construction on the south side. The technical centre is a solid construction with 4 storeys, the storey heights correspond to those of H64. The gross floor area of the extension is 280m².

The existing building, the extension and the technical extension will be clad with a rear-ventilated metal façade on the upper floors G2 - G4. On floor G1, the façade is designed as an ETICS rendered façade. The colour scheme of the building is adapted to the colour code for production buildings.

H64 Laboratory building &
technical center

Reference values

CSL Behring
Behring Werke Marburg
Building measures
Renovation of existing building, additional floor added and construction of a technical control center
Construction time
Scope of work (LPH)
2-8 HOAI
Area (BGF)
Parties involved
The following areas were planned by fs- architekten for the general planner LaboTech Planning GmbH: 
Building envelope
BIM coordination model